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17 January 2019

Dear Classmates,

Following our very fun and successful 50th Reunion a number of classmates expressed the desire, since all of us are growing older, to hold reunions every five years instead of ten.

With this thought in mind, as the 55tth anniversary of our graduation is this year, a small group of classmates formed an exploratory committee late last year to determine if there was enough classmate interest to plan and hold a 55th Reunion.

A copy of this newsletter was sent to all classmates whose email addresses we possessed – a total of 65 classmates.  The “Morning Stars Redux” included links to an online survey with the intention of learning your preference.  A link to the survey was also placed in the “News” section of the class website.

The results:  Six email addresses bounced or were no longer in service.  Forty-three classmates opened the newsletter and thirty-three classmates completed the survey.  We attempted to contact classmates via phone and four classmates responded to an abbreviated version of the survey via phone.  A total of 24 classmates expressed a positive response to hold a 55th Reunion.  There were ten classmates who said they “Maybe” would attend.

The results of the 55th Planning Survey can be found here.

It is the judgement of the 55th Reunion Planning Committee, based on the results of this survey, that unfortunately; we believe there is not enough interest among classmates to go through the multitude of efforts to schedule a 55th Reunion of the St James High School Class of 1964.

We thank each classmate who took the time to complete the survey.  Of course, if any classmates disagree with this committee’s decision you are free to pursue the planning and scheduling of a 55th Reunion on your own.

We look forward to working with all classmates in five years when we will plan for a 60th Reunion.  May all of us stay safe and healthy until then.

Respectfully yours,

55th Reunion Planning Committee

Dave Riskey

Mike & Paulette Painter Schaefer

Mary Dale Youngren Hansen

John Wavra